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Progress towards inclusion in Phobos

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Don Clugston

Joined: 05 Oct 2005
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2006 4:44 am    Post subject: Progress towards inclusion in Phobos Reply with quote

Like any good engineer, MathExtra has the goal of doing itself out of a job.
Progress towards this goal will be reported in this thread.

It's possible that this project will never make an official release; instead, releases will be made through Phobos /Ares.

MathExtra's raison d'etre at present is (a) as insurance for D in case I'm hit by truck, or otherwise fail to complete the project; and (b) a repository for functions which are too obscure for inclusion in a general-purpose library.

Many functions accepted into DMD 0.143.

* asinh, acosh, atanh, -- real args only
* conj -- ireal, creal
* abs -- for everything
+ isPosZero, isNegZero

All those functions are now removed from MathExtra.

Here are some comments from Walter (digitalmars.com digitalmars.D.announce:2508) which are relevant to the future of MathExtra:
>It's the real.nan, real.infinity and the NCEG operators that got me
>> interested in D. Walter's done an amazing job at exposing the full glory
>> of IEEE mathematics (better than asm, even!)

Back when I worked at Boeing, I wrote numerical analysis programs in
FORTRAN. It's what made me interested in having good floating point support.
Interestingly, about all this stuff was proposed for C at one time around
1990, but it fizzled for reasons I don't understand.

>> It deserves *much* better library support. I would like to see the D
>> standard libraries providing at least as good mathematical support as VBA
>> does in Excel...

I agree.

>> There's a work-in-progress in dsource/mathextra. Some will be in DMD
>> 0.143. The elementary functions sin(), exp(), etc for complex arguments
>> are probably a necessity for D 1.0, and will be moved into Phobos as soon
>> as D gets rid of the problematic implicit conversions real->creal, etc.

Ok <g>.
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