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Bindings for the GNU Scientific Library

Converted from the ".h" files by Daniel Truemper

License: GPL

1. Disclaimer

These bindings have only been tested in a Debian/Linux (x32) environment using gdc. If you have successfully run them on Windows or Mac or whatever, simply add some notes to this page.

2. Remarks

This version really is beta! If you want to or are using these bindings and experience erros and have fixed them, feel free to add them either directly via SVN to the bindings project or you might find me in #d or #d.tango on freenode or post in the forums. Of corse you can also contact me via email.

Since I am currently writing my diploma thesis I might not have the time to really test _all_ functions so there really might be errors...

Currently the library can only be compiled in a Tango environment. Since I don't really run Phobos apps, it's ok for me. Feel free to add the version statements for the correct imports of the std.c.* modules yourself.

3. Download

The best way of downloading the bindings is to checkout the Subversion repository of the bindings project. Another way is to download the autogenerated zip file:

4. Build & Install

I built this library with the help of dsss a really great tool you should consider using, if you are not by now. Writing Makefiles is obsolete with it. If you have dsss installed you simply type in the main directory

$ dsss build

In order to install the library correctly just type

$ dsss install

If you (one day) do not need the library anymore just uninstall it using

$ dsss uninstall gsl

5. Testing

I have added the first basic testing routines to the test directory. Again there is a dsss.conf file allowing you to build the testing program on your own:

$ dsss build

and then run

$ ./testgsl

If you want to help me do the testing, simply add routines to the "test/test/main.d" file. It's a bit annoying for the moment but I couldn't find a more less usefull testing environment for now, it will probably change in the future.

6. Using the library

If you simply want to use the library with your own program and have successfully installed the library with dsss, add the following line to your dsss.conf file:

buildflags = -L-lgsl -L-lblas

Of corse you need the real libraries installed on your machine. On Debian based systems search for libgsl and libblas.

If you have done this, you should be able to simply add import statements similar to the "#include <gsl/gsl_*.h>" statements from the documentation. You only have to change the import from "gsl/*" to "gsl.*" ommiting the ".h" in the end.