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WindowsApi module list

This page lists the files of the MinGW distribution (along with any other code files that have been thrown in from other sources for whatever reason).

If you are going to work on a module, please first place your name next to it in the Assigned to column. You may take more than one module at a time, but please don't take more than you expect to do in the next few days.

Statuses are as follows:

  • fixme - Initial conversion, but with sections commented out or significant corrections to be made
  • compiles - Initial conversion with basic functionality
  • alpha - Fully functional (including versioning, pragma(lib), const pointers, constants as enums, translated macros as templates)
  • beta - Polished
File Source Status Assigned to Notes
accctrl compiles
aclapi compiles
aclui MinGW 3.12 compiles
afxres unnecessary
basetsd MinGW 3.12 compiles
basetyps MinGW 3.12 compiles
cderr compiles
cguid compiles
comcat MinGW 3.12 compiles
commctrl MinGW 3.12 fixme need more attention
commdlg MinGW 3.12 compiles
cpl compiles
cplext MinGW 3.12 compiles
custcntl compiles
dbt fixme versioning to translate/correct
dde ? Uses simulated bitfields - unittest included
ddeml compiles
dhcpcsdk compiles
dlgs compiles
docobj compiles
errorrep compiles
exdisp compiles
exdispid MinGW 3.12 compiles
httpext compiles
idispids MinGW 3.12 compiles
imagehlp compiles
imm compiles versioning to correct
initguid unnecessary?
intshcut compiles
ipexport compiles
iphlpapi compiles
ipifcons compiles
iprtrmib compiles
iptypes compiles
isguids compiles
largeint unnecessary?
lm compiles
lmaccess compiles
lmalert fixme 2 macros
lmapibuf compiles
lmat compiles
lmaudit fixme
lmbrowsr compiles
lmchdev compiles may be deprecated
lmconfig compiles may be deprecated
lmcons compiles
lmerr compiles
lmerrlog compiles may be deprecated
lmmsg compiles
lmremutl fixme
lmrepl compiles
lmserver compiles versioning to look up
lmshare compiles
lmsname compiles
lmstats fixme
lmsvc fixme 5 macros
lmuse compiles
lmuseflg MinGW 3.12 compiles
lmwksta compiles
lzexpand compiles
mapi compiles
mciavi compiles
mcx compiles
mgmtapi compiles
mmsystem compiles
msacm compiles
mshtml ?
mswsock fixme versioning to translate/correct
nb30 compiles
nddeapi ?
nspapi compiles
ntdef ?
ntdll MinGW 3.12 ?
ntldap ?
ntsecapi ?
ntsecpkg MinGW 3.17 ? Ellery Newcomer
oaidl compiles
objbase fixme
objfwd compiles probably unnecessary for D
objidl fixme
objsafe ?
ocidl fixme
odbcinst fixme ansi/unicode is a mess
ole compiles
ole2 compiles
ole2ver MinGW 3.12 compiles
oleacc compiles
oleauto fixme
olectl compiles
olectlid compiles
oledlg fixme
oleidl compiles
pbt compiles
poppack unnecessary
powrprof compiles
prsht compiles
psapi compiles Initial import
pshpack1 unnecessary
pshpack2 unnecessary
pshpack4 unnecessary
pshpack8 unnecessary
rapi compiles
ras compiles
rasdlg compiles
raserror compiles
rassapi compiles
reason compiles
regstr ?
richedit ?
richole ?
rpc compiles
rpcdce ?
rpcdce2 fixme deal with RPC_UNICODE_SUPPORTED
rpcdcep ?
rpcndr ? very rough
rpcnsi ?
rpcnsip ?
rpcnterr ?
schannel compiles
secext ?
security MinGW 3.17 ? Ellery Newcomer
servprov MinGW 3.12 ?
setupapi compiles
shellapi compiles
shldisp ?
shlguid ? versioning to translate/correct
shlobj MinGW 4.0 fixme puzzling CMIC_VALID_SEE_FLAGS; check versioning
shlwapi ?
snmp compiles what? no .lib?
sql ?
sqlext ?
sqltypes ?
sqlucode ?
sspi MinGW 3.17 ? Ellery Newcomer
subauth ?
tlhelp32 MinGW 3.12 compiles CyberShadow
tmschema ?
unknwn ?
vfw ? MinGW header is a disaster
w32api special Stewart Gordon Defines version identifiers
winbase MinGW 3.12 fixme
winber compiles
wincon ? versioning to translate/correct
wincrypt fixme
windef compiles
windows MinGW 3.12 compiles joint effort
windowsx unnecessary?
winerror compiles
wingdi ? versioning to translate/correct
wininet compiles
winioctl compiles
winldap compiles
winnetwk compiles versioning?
winnls compiles
winnt MinGW 3.12 compiles
winperf ?
winreg compiles
winresrc unnecessary
winsock compiles copyright issues
winsock2 ?
winspool ? versioning to translate/correct
winsvc ?
winuser ? Stewart Gordon versioning to translate/correct
winver compiles
ws2tcpip MinGW 3.11 fixme
wtypes ?
zmouse unnecessary no real content in MinGW
directx/d3d9 ? are we converting public domain MinGW headers or Microsoft SDK?
directx/d3d9caps ? ditto
directx/d3d9types ? ditto
directx/d3d10 DirectX SDK (Nov/07) compiles
directx/d3d10effect DirectX SDK (Nov/07) compiles needs vtbl[0] bug fixed
directx/d3d10misc DirectX SDK (Nov/07) compiles
directx/d3d10shader DirectX SDK (Nov/07) compiles needs vtbl[0] bug fixed
directx/d3dx10 DirectX SDK (Nov/07) compiles
directx/d3dx10async DirectX SDK (Nov/07) compiles
directx/d3dx10core DirectX SDK (Nov/07) compiles needs vtbl[0] bug fixed; misc. D3D 10.1 stuff
directx/d3dx10math DirectX SDK (Nov/07) compiles vector/matrix implementations missing
directx/d3dx10mesh DirectX SDK (Nov/07) compiles
directx/d3dx10tex DirectX SDK (Nov/07) compiles
directx/dxerr DirectX SDK (Nov/07) compiles
directx/dxerr8 compiles
directx/dxerr9 compiles
directx/dxgi DirectX SDK (Nov/07) compiles
directx/dxgitype DirectX SDK (Nov/07) compiles