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Project Status

Project seems to have stalled in February 2011.

Welcome to DMDScript-2

DMDScript is an implementation of ECMA-262 scripting language written in the D programming language.
For more info on DMDScript, consult

This is D 2.0 port of the original DMDScript.
The port itself is complete. The goal is to bring it in line with the standard and make it more stable, then numerous "speedhacks" would be carefully restored.

Distinct changes

  • Slowly being converted to use new D 2.0 idioms/libraries where applicable
  • Far better conforms with the standard
  • Still has reasonable speed, it's about 20 slower then the one in Mozila/Chrome, but still faster then Jscript
  • Uses slightly hijacked version of RandAA instead of built-in AA (due to wierd bugs)
  • Few severe bugs fixed