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Welcome to Docoa

Objective-C -> D bridge to use Cocoa classes.

Note that this conversion is in a usable state, but it will probably still contain bugs.

Usable meaning:

  • You can call all Cocoa classes and use D to write new functions for Cocoa classes.
  • There are mechanisms to provide full opaque access to Cocoa classes like you would get from other bridges (like in RubyCocoa?/ObjCPython)
  • For a quick and really dirty overview, look into main.d and winmain.d
  • There is virtually no documentation, use the Apple pages for docs on Cocoa classes.
  • If you build a project, be prepared to use gdb, the program will fail silently if you have done something wrong.

License is 'unknown', just use common sense.

Project Status

Since the last change (changeset [7]) occurred several years ago on 2006-06-11, this project is likely abandoned.

A more recent project with similar goals seems to be Michel Fortin's D/Objective-C Bridge (announced 2007-09-17). The D/Objective-C Bridge project was superseded by a language extension project, D/Objective-C (

Project Information

Name Docoa
Category Libraries-System
Status 3 - Alpha
Short Description A D -> Objective-C bridge
Long Description
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