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Welcome to Futurism

The "Futurism" library is an implementation of the "future" concept for concurrent programming, along with related algorithms and tools. Compared to conventional "Lock" and "Monitor" idioms, futures are thought to be make code more composable, scalable, and modular, and to make it easier to reason about the correctness of that code.

Project Status

Development seems to have stalled with changeset [12] on 2007-09-21.

Project Information

Name Futurism
Category Libraries-System
Status 3 - Alpha
Short Description Concurrent programming "futures" library for D.
Long Description Futures provide an idiom for concurrent programming that is thought to be more modular, scalable, and flexible than working directly with locks and threads or the pause/resume programming style. A 'future' represents the results of a calculation that can be performed asynchronously with the primary algorithm. A 'future' object is created when the inputs to a computation are known, and the value (result) is requested when needed by the program. In the interim the work item is available to be done by a thead pool.
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