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Welcome to Goldie

Goldie (pronounced "goal D") is a GOLD Engine for D. It gives D developers the ability to easily load, lex and parse a text/source file according to any grammar defined using the excellent GOLD Parser Builder tool. Alternatively, Goldie can be used to merely load a GOLD .cgt file ("Compiled Grammar Table") if you would like to create your own GOLD lexer/parser.

Goldie is currently at v0.01. It is fully-usable and has been tested on both Windows and Linux, although the API is still subject to change.


The latest stable release can always be obtained via Subversion:

svn co Goldie

Goldie v0.01 requires SemiTwist D Tools r82, which can also be obtained via Subversion:

svn co -r 82 SemiTwistDTools

Starting Points


TracGuide -- Built-in Trac Documentation

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.