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Welcome to Goldie

Goldie is a GOLD Engine for D1/Tango (Although it will change to D2/Phobos in the next release, and the trunk is already D2/Phobos). It gives D developers the ability to easily load, lex and parse a text/source file according to any grammar defined using the excellent GOLD Parser Builder tool. Alternatively, Goldie can be used to merely load a GOLD .cgt file ("Compiled Grammar Table") if you would like to create your own GOLD lexer/parser.

Goldie is currently at v0.3. It is fully-usable and has been tested on both Windows and Linux (it should work on OSX and FreeBSD as well, but has not been tested), although the API is still subject to change. Goldie is licensed under The zlib/libpng License.

Starting Points

Projects that use Goldie

  • HaxePreD: An implementation of Haxe's preprocessor (Uses Goldie for conditional expressions)


TracGuide -- Built-in Trac Documentation

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