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     1= Getting and Building the Source Code = 
     3Source control is by Subversion. You can check out 
     6You build with the solution and project files that are in the source tree. They are Visual Studio 2008 based files. To build with a different version of VS, you'll have to convert them yourself; though I do have plans to convert them to 2010, or at least keep them side by side with the 2008 versions. 
     9The debugger has these dependencies: 
     11 * stdint.h and inttypes.h 
     12 * !CppTest 1.0 
     13 * Boost 1.40 
     14 * VS 2008 SDK 
     16You can open the solution or project files in VS and build that way. Or, you can build from the command line after you add the right INCLUDE and LIB paths for the dependencies. You build by running the following in a VS 2008 command prompt: 
     19vcbuild /u /platform:win32 
     22If you have the static library form of !CppTest, then you might need to reference the specific configuration (as in Debug or Release) of !CppTest. This is done with a path like the following (for VS 2010, use "Configuration"): 
     28To build the add-in launcher, go to the [source:/trunk/MagoDELauncher MagoDELauncher] folder and run msbuild. 
     31If you don't have Visual Studio installed, then download the Windows SDK and build using its C++ and C# tools.