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Welcome to mde

Mde started as an attempt at making a game engine. However, instead of starting with the graphics like many game engines, mde has started with some of the mechanisms needed within the engine (see Features).

Mde's biggest feature is it's GUI; see more here.


Mde's GUI is alpha-beta status: most of what works works quite well (e.g. it can adjust options well), but many features are still thin on the ground/non-existant (e.g. only a small number of widgets, very basic rendering). For the other bits to mde, see the features page.

I'm now working full time and don't expect to spend much time on mde in the forseeable future, so unless someone else continues development probably not much is going to change anytime soon.


The source is now available via Mercurial. Get it with:
hg clone