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Welcome to QtD!

QtD is a binding of the Qt application and UI framework to the D programming language version 2.


QtD source code generator is based on Qt Jambi and available under the GPL license.
The rest of QtD is distributed under the Boost Software License 1.0.

Project status

All classes from QtGui, QtOpengl, QtXml, QtSvg, QtNetwork and QtWebkit packages are wrapped.
Wrapping classes not directly concerned with GUI functionality is of lower priority.

As of DMD 2.053, QtD is fully usable with vanilla DMD (previously, a patch to add __traits(parent, …) was required).

The latest source code can be found on BitBucket. However, as of now, the project is not actively developed by any of the past main contributors.

How to build

Building on Linux

Building on Windows

Building on MacOSX

Using QtD


The demos and examples directories contain all available tutorials and demos.


If you have any questions on QtD you can ask them


Coding standards