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Welcome to Tango.Scrapple

A collection of handy Tango based codes and classes that otherwise don't have a home.


Current Module List

  • Actor -- An implementation of the actor model of concurrency for D. An Actor is a thread with built-in message-passing support for concurrency.
  • Arguments -- Command line argument parsing.
  • Hex -- Module for handy Hex functions. Currently contains hexDump, a function that prints nicely formatted hex dumps, and string to ubyte (and vice versa) converters.
  • Logout -- A wrapper around the Tango logging classes that provides quick and easy use in a manner consistent with the Tango Stdout module. Features additional logging levels for more control, lazily evaluated log output for efficient use, and automatic utilization of both console and disk output.
  • parseFrom / parseTo -- Lightweight and efficient data type and text conversion templates. Works with nearly any data type including arrays and associative arrays, and is unicode aware.
  • PlainTextProtocol -- A protocol for compatibility to a widely used mechanism for saving data to files and reading it back with methods like printf and scanf.
  • RawCoutFilter -- A filter for doing raw Cout.
  • Registry -- Win32 registry handling.
  • Test -- Unit testing.
  • ThreadPool -- Automatically create a pool of threads to work on a given function.
  • Tilde -- Tilde path expansion for Posix systems.
  • Uuid -- An implementation of UUID data type and generators.

For a complete Tango.Scrapple module listing see the API documentation.


If you've got some Tango based code lying around that you think everyone could benefit from let us know!

To submit your scrapple to the project please create a ticket!

Prior to submitting please review the Tango coding standards guidelines. The code in Tango.Scrapple is intended as a staging ground for inclusion into Tango mainline, so ensure that formatting follows Tango standards, and appropriate ddoc documentation is provided.


Tango.scrapple is currently unmaintained! If you would like to take over maintainership please contact:

  • Tim Burrell (tim <dot> burrell <at> gmail <dot> com)