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Documentation Style Guide

The documentation effort is intended to provide several different perspectives of the tango library. These perspectives are designed to offer the Tango user a comprehensive coverage of library application through API references, examples, and tutorials. Furthermore, the tango team expects to gradually develop a comprehensive manual that acts as a focus for these perspectives. The manual will cover the Tango library carefully and methodically; it will also link to appropriate sections in the API reference.

In order to achieve these goals, it is important to have consistent submissions. This style guide represents an effort to encourage a writing style that will make Tango and D both fun and easy to learn.

See the appropriate section below for documentation style details:

Please note that each contributing writers should be open to potential critique by fellow team members. We intend to maintain a high, and reasonably consistent writing standard in both the code and in the documentation ~ sometimes a change is needed in order to accomodate.