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Comments for the Phobos Migration page

Please add comments or ideas on what to put on the migration page here

By Jason House September 2007

In addition to code changes, info (or a link to info) on how to change compiler config/files should be provided.

By Christian Kamm August 2007

  • isNan should be !<>= 0 instead of !<> 0.
  • does not exist

By Clay Smith July 2007


tango.core.Math has moved to tango.math.Math

Doesn't tell me anything I need to know to replicate functionality in tango. If modules are simply renamed, could it at least provide the path to the renamed tango file?


Doesn't mention anything about tango's signals.

Handled comments

By Dalek April 2007


Apparently it has moved to tango.core.Memory.gc


Refer to, it's a good introduction.

import; writefln("Lucky number is %s.", 42);


import; Stdout.format("Lucky number is {0}.\n", 42)

For low level text output you also can use:

import; Cout("Lucky number is 42.")

Both may be merged in the near future. Note that this is not likely. Tango ed.