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Quality Assurance Process for Library Releases

Before releasing new versions of the Tango library, we should assure that the quality is as high as possible by using the following guidelines.

Between releases

New code additions should follow the coding conventions document to make sure that there will be less work to clean up code as a new release get closer. In addition, as much as possible of the code should be unit test covered, and contracts used where applicable.

Unit testing

Prior to release, all unit tests should be executed and verified to execute correctly. In particular, no regressions will be allowed.

Other testing

A suite of examples and tests should be built against a debug version of Tango, and then run to make sure that no contracts are broken under common usage.

Assigned tickets

A release can not be made before all tickets assigned to a milestone, are closed. Generally, defect tickets should not be moved to later milestones, whereas task or enhancement tickets should be moved if a beta implementation of the feature cannot be implemented and committed within a month before release. The release schedule states that feature freeze should be at least 3 weeks prior to release in feature releases. This restriction does not apply to bugfix only releases.