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Review process for outgoing information

TODO : Update - this document is from the Drupal days

Before posting news, announcements or other pieces of information on either the frontpage ( or other places like the D.announce newsgroup, we should make sure that it follows the following guidelines.

Responsibilities of frontpage editor

One person will be assigned the role of frontpage editor, and will be the one do the actual posting/publishing. For cases where this person is not available, one from the project lead must temporarily step up to do this task.

Posts on

New posts should be written as normal in the CMS, but instead of publishing it directly, the article should be put in the moderation queue.

  • Make a new revision for all changes, and make a comment
  • When the article is ready, an administrator must approve the article

Information that will also be posted elsewhere, should use the routine below.

Other information

Preferably, a protected page on the wiki should be set up for new information. At the bottom a section should be preserved for comments and votes for/against. When a consensus has been reached, the information can be copied from the page and posted where it is intended to be posted.


Since the information written in the wiki might use a different markup than the other places where the information will be posted, some sort of conversion will be needed. The exact form will depend on where to post it.

  • Into Drupal: (This will also be true for tutorials and examples.) Drupal use normal html markup, and thus the text should be fairly easy to convert manually. Markup for bold and italics must be converted to the appropriate html tags (<em> and <strong>), internet links must be wrapped in <a href...> and code in <code lang="d">.
  • For the newsgroups: Although NNTP readers might support HTML, this is far from certain. All text posted there should be written as plain text without any sort of markup, although emphasis can be added by wrapping a word for instance in underscores (eg _very_).

If the situation at some later stage shows that the manual process is too much work, some time might be invested in developing a conversion tool.