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Snippets and Examples

Since DWT is compatible with SWT's APIs, you may refer to documentation within the Eclipse project: More DWT specific documentation will be added to the project as time progresses.

Welcome to DWT

DWT stands for D Widget Toolkit, a slight naming variation from its parent project -- the Standard Widget Toolkit of Java Eclipse Project fame (SWT). The DWT goal is to achieve for the D Language something similar to Java SWT's notable accomplishment: it is a large, feature-rich GUI library encouraging excellent application portability while retaining platform-specific widget "look and feel".

The current DWT version is a direct port based on SWT 3.4 and contains working source for both win32 and Linux x86 gtk platforms. While the linux port currently does not support non-x86 linux platforms, please note that such a port is theoretically possible once dwt-linux is proven to build reliablely via the gdc compiler.

Project Status

The DWT repository has been moved to github:

Currently only the base, SWT and JFace libraries are worked on. The priority is on SWT.

The DWT port is mostly complete! Linux x86 and Windows ports are nearing full beta status. The more people using DWT, the better it gets, so we welcome all bug reports, suggestions, and other contributions. Have a look at the screenshots to see DWT in action or feel free to peruse the examples (see Useful Links box on the right side of this page). These should give you a good idea of DWT's functionality. The only remaining features unimplemented in DWT are the Browser widget with its XPCOM backend and parts of OLE/COM on windows.

Get the latest Release here.


Support for dwt is available within the digitalmars.D.dwt group at . Also, realtime support is available on FreeNode in #dwt. See also the Installation Guide. Commercial support is available on request (contact

Development Repositories

Deprecated in favor of the git repository:

Related Projects

For those looking for the old DWT based on SWT 3.0.2 (Windows+phobos only), this has been superceded by the DWT version described on this page. However, the old version is still available in svn under the "branches" directory. The last dmd compiler version to work with the old dwt was 1.025. A few impressive projects were built using this early version.

Another previous SWT project for D, called Tioport, employed a system that automatically created SWT-3.2.1 ports for linux and win32. These ports are incompatible with DWT but may be useful for future reference.

Download DWT
Get DWT Unsupported: third-party installer for win32

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