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Table of LuaD type conversions

Lua type: allowed D types

  • string: char[], string
  • number: any integral type, any floating point type
  • cfunction: int function(lua_State*) (Must have the C calling convention)
  • boolean: bool
  • lightuserdata: any non-function pointer
  • function: any D function or delegate where the types of the arguments and the return type are one of the convertible types
  • table: Any array or associative array with key/value types being any of the above, or a struct where the struct member names act as string keys
  • nil: Nil, defined in LuaD as 'nil'

You can use any of the above types as LuaObject.

Extra notes:

  • Arrays, associative arrays and structs can only be formed from a Lua table when the key/value types match