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Tickets for the community

(Locked) Moderators: sean kris larsivi

Posted: 04/24/10 22:55:43

Tango have always been dependent on the community, and we wish to make this relationship tighter.

To this end, we have created a user called "community". Tickets for many components will by default be assigned to this user, and you can find them via this query.

The intention is to make it easier for Tango users to pick up ownership of a ticket (instead of it being assigned by others), and see it through conclusion. This means that the number of things users of Tango want to have fixed/implemented/etc are more than what a small group can commit to on their spare time. We will still stick around however, and most likely pick up some community tickets ourselves too.

How to organize things when fixes needs to be committed, will be considered at that point - there will still be a need to review patches, make sure the API is sound, etc.

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