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Tango Contributors

Reference Manual

API Documentation

  • Respective code contributors


  • Dominik Susmel
  • Lars Ivar Igesund
  • Charles Sanders
  • Sean Kelly
  • Benjamin Shropshire
  • Michael Parker
  • Alexander Panek
  • Sean Kerr


  • Wang Le Heng: Chinese translations

Graphic Design

  • Trevor Parscal: themes and icons
  • Eric Anderton: design concepts & icons
  • Dominik Susmel: logo

Web Design and Presentation

  • Victor: CandyDoc for API documentation
  • Tomasz Stachowiak: syntax highlighting for documentation
  • Eric Anderton: TracForums plugin and macros
  • Brad Anderson: CSS and other presentation concerns

Systems Administration

  • Brad Anderson: hosting, plus comprehensive server and administration support
  • Kirk McDonald: support

Initial Reviewing and Testing

  • Tomasz Stachowiak
  • Brad Roberts
  • Charles Sanders
  • Frank Benoit
  • Gregor Richards
  • Alexander Panek
  • Samuel Martin Valentin

Platform Gurus

  • Arthur Loiret: Debian packaging and maintainance
  • Gregor Richards: GDC and general linux fixes
  • Frank Benoit: loads of linux fixes
  • Kashia Buch: OSX patches
  • Anders F. Bj√∂rklund: OSX patches
  • Carlos Santander: OSX patches
  • Mathis Beer: Testing of Tango using GDC under MinGW

Project Organization

Library Code

  • Sean Kelly: contributed the core runtime support
  • Kris Bell: contributed the base library
  • Lars Ivar Igesund: Tidbits
  • John Chapman: Locale-aware formatting package
  • Juan Jose Comellas: Selector and Process packages
  • Chris Miller: Socket bindings
  • UWB: Initial ftp package
  • Oskar Linde & Regan Heath: Crypto package
  • Don Clugston: Math and template magic
  • Mikola Lysenko: Stack threads / fibers
  • Dalibor Frivaldsky: Linux implementations
  • Alexander Panek: Compile fixes
  • Matti Niemenmaa: parts of Environment, ISO8601
  • Daniel Keep: Compression stream filters, Zip archive, conversion/template magic and more
  • Peter Triller: Unicode character classification etc
  • Steven Schveighoffer: Time package, ThreadConduit, D 2.0
  • Frank Benoit: D2.0, patches
  • David Brown: X86_64 patch for Layout
  • Scott Sanders: XML SAX parser and logging patches
  • Jascha Wetzel: Regex module
  • Jeff Davey: SSL and PKI support
  • Tomasz Stachowiak and Anders Bergh: Shared library loading
  • Anders Halager: ThreadPool
  • Christopher Wright: MinHeap and MaxHeap containers
  • Fawzi Mohamed: NullConduit
  • Robin Kreis: SerialConduit
  • Florent Gabriel: Container iteration code
  • Lester L. Martin II: FTP client and VFS code

Installation scripting and packaging

  • Gregor Richards
  • Alexander Panek
  • Charles Sanders
  • Anders Bergh
  • Anant Narayanan
  • Rasmus Andersson
  • Anders F. Bj√∂rklund
  • Lars Ivar Igesund
  • Sean Kelly

Support Code

  • Gregor Richards: DSSS/Rebuild
  • Derek Parnell: Build

Adopted Code

  • From Doug Lea, who donates very high quality code to the public-domain
  • From David Gay; author of the awesome & inscrutable dtoa C module
  • From Stephen L. Moshier, author of the extensive CEPHES library of mathematical functions
  • From Bob Jenkins, who created simply the best hash function around
  • and Walter Bright