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License Agreement

Tango is Open Source software, distributed by a group of developers which has been set up for the purpose of providing a vendor-neutral owner of Tango intellectual property. The goals of all Tango licensing decisions are to:

  • Encourage adoption
  • Discourage political contention
  • Encourage collaboration and integration with other projects
  • Be transparent

Tango is dual-licensed:

The preferred license is the Academic Free License v3.0. All Tango projects release their code under the terms of this license. Both licenses:

  • Allow commercial use without encumbrance [2]
  • Provide broad rights to make new products and derivative works
  • Place no requirement on users to contribute back (although we appreciate it if you do)

Users who wish to include Tango with software licensed under the (L)GPL will want to use Tango under the terms of the BSD License. [1] Tango projects may request a variance from the developers to release their projects under additional licenses in conjunction with the AFL.

If you have further questions regarding Tango licensing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • [1] The advertising clause has not been a part of the BSD License since July 22, 1999. link
  • [2] Depending on your needs, the binary attribution of the BSD license may be an unwelcome restriction, in which case the AFL is the correct license to apply.