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If you'd like to contribute to Tango, there are two primary areas: code and documentation. Assistance with the online presence and/or graphics design is also most welcome.

Helping with Documentation

If you'd like to assist with the collection of examples and tutorials, we have a style-guide on how we would prefer them to be structured. Tutorials and examples will be featured prominently on the Tango home-page. Errors and/or omissions in the documentation should be noted via the ticket-tracking system. For submission of tutorials and examples, please create a new ticket and ensure the ticket-type is selected appropriately.

Alternatively, each of the API docs have active links into the wiki, where annotations can be attached interactively. This enables a dynamic and useful mechanism for extending the online documentation in a convenient and timely manner, and we strongly encourage users to leverage this.

The Documentation milestone has a whole slew of documentation related tickets, and are typically specific tasks that we have identified. Check them out.

Additions to the Library

If you have ideas for new packages in the library, then send them in! Enhancement requests for both new and existing functionality should be made via the ticket system - this is also the place for patches to be attached.

Each enhancement will go through a fairly rigorous review process, and will typically be required to expose features orthogonal to those already present. Before additions are committed, they will need to be fully documented, and preferably have 100% test coverage. Don't let this discourage you from submitting new functionality - we simply strive to retain a high level of quality and a general feeling of cohesion. For further details, read the coding conventions.

Given Tango's goal to be a medium-weight library, your idea or enhancement may not fit with Tango's strategy, in which case you may be directed to Tango.Scrapple. It is intended to be both a staging grounds for inclusion in Tango mainline, and a repository for useful code that isn't exactly right for Tango (but still has value).

Helping with Issues and Enhancements

Registered issues and enhancements can be found in the tracker; see for example all active tickets. If you can resolve a ticket, please do so! Open-source benefits from all contributions, and to further help in this regard the following links are to specially sorted lists of tickets:

Tickets can be opened and patches attached for simple fixes. For larger additions and/or fixes, please contact us in the forum, present yourself, your ideas, and if possible show or point to prior work.

See also the community page.


If your platform is not supported or not fully supported you can help porting tango on it, see PortingGuide

Helping with the Online Presence

We're always open to ideas on how to improve the site, graphics, presentation, content, and/or organization. Feedback is welcome, especially when there's a willing pair of hands offered also.

Contact us in the forum, where you present yourself, what you want to help with, and if possible show or point to prior work. There are also some open tickets in the WebSite milestones if you're looking for specific tasks.

List of Contributors

There's a growing list of Tango contributors in the rogues gallery.