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D-Related Filename Extensions

Extension Description
.a Linux library (similar to .lib in windows)
.bat Windows batch file
.brf Build Response Files (see the Build project) digitalmars.D.learn:922, digitalmars.D.learn:924
.c C/C++ source file
.cpp C++ source file
.css style sheet (see
.d D source code (such as for compiling with DMD like this: DMD file.d)
.def windows definition file - can be included in the DMD command line to add certain functionality or definitions to a D program
.di D header (can be automatically generated by DMD using the -H switch)
.dll dynamic link library (can be created by a C/C++/D compiler) - see Derelict for dynamic linking to existing .dll's
.h C/C++ header file
.hpp C++ header file
.htm variant of .html
.html webpage (could also be compiled by D if it contains code within <code> tags, see Embedding D in HTML)
.ico windows icon file (such as those created by Icon Edit, PixelToolbox, LiquidIconXP, Randy's Freeware Icon Editor, or Clic) - can be compiled into .res files
.lib library file (counterpart of Linux's .a). If it's not designed for Digital Mars, you can't use it with DMD without conversion. Typical library files can be created by DM's LIB.exe, import libraries can be created using IMPLIB.exe.
.exe Windows executable
.mak makefile (try running with make)
.manifest Windows XP manifest file (perhap look at undig)
.map Windows .map file (created by DMD and used by the linker to create an .exe)
.o Linux object file
.obj Windows binary object file (created by DMD and used by the linker)
.res Windows resource file (usually created by compiling an .rc file with a resource compiler)
.rsp response files (such as for calling DMD like this: DMD @file.rsp)
.sh Shell script file (might be runable by using DM's shell.exe)
.so Linux equivalent of a .dll (can DMD or GDC create them yet?), but D programs in Linux can use them, see Derelict)
.xml link to
.zip ZIP archive - see 7-zip and zlib

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