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Foreach with key and value pairs

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You can iterate across associative arrays with both key and value, and also capture the index for static/dynamic arrays.


import std.stdio;

void main() {
    int[char[]] map;
    float[] array;

    map["abc"] = 123;
    map["def"] = 456;
    map["xyz"] = 890;

    array ~= 1.23;
    array ~= 3.14;

    writefln("Iterating over map...");
    foreach (key, value; map)
        writefln("\t%s => %d", key, value);

    writefln("Iterating over array...");
    foreach (index, value; array)
        writefln("\t%d => %f", index, value);


This example was originally posted by csauls.