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Links to Example Code

On this page, I'll put links to possible inspiration for new example pages. It's sort of a To-Do list with ideas for new example pages. Mostly they'll be from the D newsgroups, but they could also be from webpages and forums. I could paste in the example code from the links, too, but I think the page would get too big too fast if I did that.

listdir examples digitalmars.D:10883
enum examples digitalmars.D:5095 (thread)
debug examples digitalmars.D:5082
typeof/typeid examples digitalmars.D:5147
std.random example digitalmars.D:5166
using .dup to make a copy digitalmars.D:5168
sorting an array digitalmars.D:5144
deep copy, memory locations, etc. digitalmars.D:5172
string performance digitalmars.D:12138
Synchronized keyword digitalmars.D:13307
Threads digitalmars.D/13406, digitalmars.D:13606
Associative Array key digitalmars.D:13379
Weak references digitalmars.D:13586
Initializing a delegate member digitalmars.D:13491
writefln format specifier for pointers digitalmars.D:13478, digitalmars.D.bugs:2590
Library linking and usage digitalmars.D:13446
enum2str digitalmars.D:19017, digitalmars.D:19167
fromString digitalmars.D:19205, digitalmars.D:19223
Exporting Templates in Static Libraries digitalmars.D:19380
PDCurses digitalmars.D:19505, digitalmars.D:19836
byte + single-bit-operations digitalmars.D:19681, digitalmars.D:19731
Accessing Dynamic Arrays digitalmars.D:19702, digitalmars.D:19705, digitalmars.D:19708
Windows DLL digitalmars.D:20170
Exotic Floor Function digitalmars.D:20609, digitalmars.D:20615, digitalmars.D:20783, digitalmars.D:20861, digitalmars.D:20860, digitalmars.D:20864, digitalmars.D:20623
std.file.getAttributes/file stats digitalmars.D:20437
Tuple types/Anonymous structs digitalmars.D:20580, digitalmars.D:20652
Concurrent digitalmars.D:20613
Package attribute oops digitalmars.D:20639
conflicts? digitalmars.D:20674
package attribute, more questions digitalmars.D:20679
GC and win32 digitalmars.D:20720
Obfuscated Code Contest - Winners digitalmars.D:20778
array of pointers & assignment digitalmars.D:20774
GC should call dtors digitalmars.D:20797, digitalmars.D:20796
improving Error/Exception system digitalmars.D:20834
array of bit enum digitalmars.D:20865
jEdit digitalmars.D:20975, digitalmars.D:21036, digitalmars.D:21039
xmld digitalmars.D:20992
PHP embedded digitalmars.D:20994
standard exceptions for phobos digitalmars.D:21041
AA question digitalmars.D:21045
Singleton digitalmars.D:21053
sscanf digitalmars.D.learn:393
Threads not independent digitalmars.D.learn:400, digitalmars.D.learn:414 not very smart digitalmars.D.learn:411
Time and space, physical values? digitalmars.D.learn:406
garbage collector in seperate thread? digitalmars.D.learn:420
Templates + protection attributes problem digitalmars.D.learn:425
Changing the size of an foreach() argument digitalmars.D.learn:432
Reentrant Lock digitalmars.D.learn:434
how to debug ? digitalmars.D.learn:440
Linking problems with mintl digitalmars.D.learn:445
bug tracking digitalmars.D.bugs:3531
TypeInfo enum digitalmars.D.bugs:3501
array of bit enum digitalmars.D:20926, digitalmars.D.bugs:3521
Code with no effect compiles okay digitalmars.D.bugs:3490
Interface implementation on derived class digitalmars.D.bugs:3459, digitalmars.D.bugs:3496
array slice setting not bounds checked! digitalmars.D.bugs:3450, digitalmars.D.bugs:3466, digitalmars.D.bugs:3458, digitalmars.D.bugs:3483
std.string.ifind(char[],char[]): unexpected finds digitalmars.D.bugs:3442
function that returns a function digitalmars.D.bugs:3480
Compile an empty source file digitalmars.D.bugs:3328, digitalmars.D.bugs:3465
circular reference digitalmars.D:20875, digitalmars.D.bugs:3475
Boyer Moore template digitalmars.D.announce:152
GDC for Mac digitalmars.D.announce:153
DManager beta 8 digitalmars.D.announce:156
Re2d digitalmars.D.announce:186
Metaprogramming - Re: The power of static if! (A bit of fun) digitalmars.D.learn:1996

Google Notebook

I've been storing links to examples (or ideas for examples) in a Google Notebook.

More Examples in SVN


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