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Variable Arguments

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Use std.c.stdarg for variable arguments.

The std.c.stdarg module is now obsolete with the release of DMD 0.93. Use std.stdarg instead (see VariableArgumentsUsingStdStdargExample).


import std.c.stdarg;

int foo(char *x, ...)
    va_list ap;

    va_start!(typeof(x))(ap, x);
    printf("&x = %p, ap = %p\n", &x, ap);

    int i;
    i = va_arg!(typeof(i))(ap);
    printf("i = %d\n", i);

    long l;
    l = va_arg!(typeof(l))(ap);
    printf("l = %lld\n", l);

    uint k;
    k = va_arg!(typeof(k))(ap);
    printf("k = %u\n", k);


    return i + l + k;

void main()
    int j;

    j = foo("hello", 3, 23L, 4);
    printf("j = %d\n", j);
    assert(j == 30);


Adapted from digitalmars.D/273.