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Welcome to LYLA - a matrix and linear algebra library for D


LYLA is a matrix and linear algebra library for large scale matrices. It's in an early alpha-state and supports now rectangular dense and sparse matrices and dense and sparse vectors.

LYLA may be used in conjunction with the well known BLAS library. In this case the arithmetic for dense rectangular matrices and vectors is done by the fast routines of BLAS.

Current Release

Lyla 0.2


LYLA uses the Mercurial version control system. You can browse the repository or check it out with the following command

hg clone

Update your repository with new patches by

hg pull -u

Send patches to


For a brief introduction to LYLA look at the quick start.

A more detailed documentation can be found in the reference documentation.

For any comments, bugs and suggestions, send me an eMail

Further development directions

The following aspects may be available in future versions of LYLA, if there's any need for them

  • symmetric matrices
  • band matrices, tridiagonal, ...
  • improve BLAS support
  • (optional) LAPACK support
  • (optional) GSL support
  • ... any other idea?

If you require some of these suggested functionalities, let me know.

The following will likely never be part of LYLA (except someone convinces me of the usefulness):

  • expression templates (stuff like boost's ublas).

Project Information

Status3 - Alpha
Short DescriptionA matrix and linear-algebra library for large scale matrices.
Long Description
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